Meet Mrs. Vimbai Majoni

Please join us in congratulating Mrs. Vimbai Majoni. She is one of our program participants who benefit directly from recurring donations. Mrs. Majoni earns $5 daily and uses her monthly income to support her family. She has been with the program for two years; in that time, her children have not gone hungry. She has been able to cloth them and pay for school fees while learning valuable skills that contribute to the economic empowerment of her community.


The Challenge

The lack of infrastructure to support good jobs and, in some cases, the ability to pay for adequate shelter led to public health concerns. This is the situation that hundreds of women found themselves in, running out of resources before securing a job that was aligned with their skills.

The Solution

Vimbai Majoni and the other women who will be featured monthly are benefitting through training and work experience that can be leveraged into entrepreneurship. Through the support of donors, the organization is able to provide Mrs. Majoni with the ability to meet her family’s needs through our permaculture and sustainable agriculture and poultry initiatives. She is a member of a team of over 100 women who alternatively grow and sell the organic vegetables from the farm. Our program allows people to grow personally and economically.

The Result

You may have known us, the Zimbabwe Farm Project, but we have some exciting news to share with you: we have rebranded to Africa Vertical Inc.!

This change is not just cosmetic. It reflects our growing mission to empower women farmers across Africa with farming. We’ll tell you more about our new name, vision, and how you can join us in making a difference for African women farmers, but today’s focus is on congratulating Mrs. Majoni! Kindly wish her well wishes through our Facebook page and donate today.