African Poultry Project for Women The women of the project need to expand their poultry farming operations for income and food security. Donate to this specific fundraiser and support the women with as little as $5 per day to help support them through the harvest season. Donate Now!
Restoring Hope anda Dignity: Empowering Africa’s Women Farmers with Clean and Safe Sanitation. In the vast fields of Africa, there exists a silent, untold story of courage, resilience, and hope. It’s a story woven by the hands of extraordinary women farmers who, every single day, labor tirelessly to nourish their families and communities. These women are the unsung heroes of Africa’s agricultural landscape, but behind their unwavering determination lies a hidden struggle: the heart-wrenching challenges of sanitation in the fields.
Print the Love, Nonprofit visits the farm project.
Empowering Rural Communities in Africa with Africa Vertical: A Journey of Hope and Transformation In the vast and vibrant continent of Africa, amidst the struggles and challenges, there shines a ray of hope, a beacon of light that illuminates the lives of the marginalized – We started the Zimbabwe Farm Project as a proof-of-concept project in 2016. Over several years of success, we realized that it is a sustainable agriculture model that can be replicated in any community. That is
Our First Clean Water Project Gaining access to clean water is at the heart of programs designed to improve people’s lives in regions of the world where water is scarce. Though this borehole eventually ran dry, and we subsequently had to drill an 80-meter/262-feet, the project was able to be launched because of clean water access. Women, their children, the families on the farm, and the chickens all rely on water, without which they would perish. Without the water from
Organic Sunflower Harvest! Sunflower harvesting has a long history; human beings have included them in our diet to augment animal feed. The women of the project manually harvested sunflowers using traditional methods. The project continues using permaculture farming techniques to empower women and improve their lives and their families.

The ZimFarm Project is a 501(c) 3 non-profit charitable organization . We empower women using social entrepreneurship and employment initiatives. We implement innovative, sustainable permaculture solutions and organic farming for food security.

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