Windpump Restoration Water Project

Windpump Water Restoration

A wind pump had been installed on the farm by my father for sustainable, low impact living. He had a borehole drilled in order to bring water to the property. When we converted the property into a working farm, we needed to repair the wind pump. Master plumbers and technicians were hired to fix it, but we subsequently discovered the wind was not strong enough to pump water to fields on the farm which lay at higher elevations. Therefore, we made the decision to retrofit the borehole with an electrical submersible pump, which provides the necessary pressure for irrigation. The wind pump conversion has transformed the windmill into a monument to my father’s dedicated life in Zimbabwe.

Creating Food Security in Africa Using Organic Farming

Zimbabwe Farm Project: A Legacy Project

In countries where food security is a systemic problem, the choice of eating organically grown foods versus those produced by traditional methods is rarely available. In our efforts to increase food security in the community, we made the decision to continue to use the sustainable farming techniques employed by my father. This includes recycling and re-purposing everything that is used on the farm. For instance, the corn husks, stalks, and other by-products of the harvests, were given to a local cattleman to feed his livestock. All harvests, preparation, and packaging of crops for sale is completed manually. We rely on renewable resources and optimize biological productivity through crop rotations.

The ZimFarm Project is a 501(c) 3 non-profit charitable organization . We empower women using social entrepreneurship and employment initiatives. We implement innovative, sustainable permaculture solutions and organic farming for food security.

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