A glimpse into life in Zimbabwe

Pamsasa Hous was a beautiful oasis to provide respite during our hectic trip to organize the farm. We hosted the Christmas party for employees and the women of the Zimbabwe Farm Project. We will post photos of that event later. We were blessed with lots of sunshine, beautiful skies washed clean by the rains, luminous clouds dotting the blue. December is still part of the rainy season, but it was intermittent. Because of this and despite the ongoing drought, everything was lush and verdant. December, January, February, and March then April and May weather feels like Spring in the States without rain showers. It is also cool at night, and in fact I wore a jacket when venturing out during the evenings and at night. Its quite warm, some would complain that it is hot in September and October, but it is wonderful to me because I love the heat, but than landscape is so much more dramatic and green during and right after the rainy season which I recommend as the best time to visit.