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We like to thank our financial donors who have demonstrated their amazing support and belief in the Zimbabwe Farm Project's initiatives. The program continues to

ZimFarm 2016/2018 Program Management

Since project inception at the end of 2015, quarterly oversight trips from the U.S. to Zimbabwe have been taken to ensure that the Zimbabwe Farm

Sanitation Initiative

Permanent Housing Initiative   Flush toilets attached to a septic system are a vital necessity to an overall sustainable development program designed to empower and

ZFP Clean Water Initiative

Gaining access to clean water is at the heart of programs designed to improve the lives of people living in regions of the world in

Harvest Time! Carrots

Harvesting carrots is relatively straightforward though it requires a lot of bending to get down into the thick of things. We had never planted carrots,

Planting Potatoes

Basket of Potatoes, Rajiv Ashrafi
Growing potatoes has been a wonderfully enlightening experience. Mr. Tauro, who is the farm manager, recommended planting root and tuber crops. Since he has successfully

Planting, Growing Organic Carrots

For the fourth planting season, after successful maize and sugar bean harvests, carrots were planted. Unlike our first harvests where irrigation was necessary, this planting

Growing Organic Maize in Zimbabwe

After we cleared the land, we hired a farmer to advise us on a high demand crop that is a food staple. He recommended corn

Windpump Restoration Water Project

A wind pump had been installed on the farm by my father for sustainable, low impact living. He had a borehole drilled in order to
Our Next Goals

Creating Food Security in Africa Using Organic Farming

Zimbabwe Farm Project, Sugar Beans
In countries where food security is a systemic problem, the choice of eating organically grown foods versus those produced by traditional methods is rarely available.

The ZimFarm Project is a 501(c) 3 non-profit charitable organization, Tax ID # 82-0843418. We empower women through employment initiatives by implementing sustainable development and organic farming for food security.

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The ZimFarm Project is a 501(c) 3 non-profit charitable organization . We empower women using social entrepreneurship and employment initiatives. We implement innovative, sustainable permaculture solutions and organic farming for food security.


700 12th St., N.W.
Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005

Project Location
# 135 Mazowe
Harare, Zimbabwe

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